Consolidated cargo transportation is one that allows you to send merchandise from several consignees, in a single truck or container, which allows you to save on shipping costs.


We streamline delivery processes

We put at your disposal our new EXPRESS service of consolidated cargo and parcels from the USA to Mexico City and Querétaro (Guadalajara and Monterrey coming soon).

To quote, select the origin and destination of your merchandise

Make the quote from a computer.

We also have an exchange with the main transport companies in the USA and Canada.

Querétaro - Nuevo Laredo - Querétaro
Cantidad Peso Total (Kg) Largo X Ancho X Alto (cm) Producto Recoleccion/Entrega Flete Eli Agr
No incluye Seguro.       No incluye IVA    (Se cobra bajo la base mayor de peso o volumen)

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