We put at your disposal our facilities, the latest merchandise management technology and the most qualified staff to offer you a service that meets your needs.


Experts in merchandise storage

We have warehouses to support your inventory control, distribution and forwarding of your merchandise located in: Queretaro, Federal District, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Laredo, Texas”.

Public storage service

In multi-client installations, ideal for on-demand storage requirements, with variable costs according to use, flexible schemes and without forced deadline commitments.

Storage available on the floor, or in racks. The option of contracting a number of fixed positions is offered in order to ensure a fixed space for your merchandise, and with the option of being able to increase them in a variable way according to the daily flow of operations of each client.

Space Distribucion's warehousing services allow the client to maximize the costs of their supply chain and maximize their profits, through the dilution among several clients of the costs of warehouse rental, labor, maintenance and operation, security, technology and equipment.

Inventory control

Our inventory control service is based on the management of a cutting-edge technology system for inventory control, known as WMS (Warehouse Management System).

Through this system we process product inputs from your suppliers by generating:


Among other processes available to increase control of all your merchandise.

We also try to manage your inventories by carrying out cycle counts and reconciliation against the reports that the system will generate.

All this is available to our clients through an interface via the Internet through which the client can manage their inventories, generate purchase orders or order issues, and review the behavior of their inventories through custom-made reports, all from the comfort of from your home or office.

Merchandise Distribution and Forwarding Service

At TSM, we understand the importance of your products arriving on time and in the right condition, which is why we make sure to coordinate all the details to make it happen.

We offer a Warehouse As a Service (WAAS) service that includes:


Our freight forwarding and distribution service is designed to offer you personalized solutions that allow you to focus on what really matters: growing your business.


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