Control, Distribution and Re-shipment

We have WAREHOUSES located in Qro, CDMX to support your inventory control, distribution and re-shipment of your merchandise.

Public storage service

Multi-client installations, ideal for storage requirements on demand, with variable costs according to use, flexible schemes and without forced time commitments. Storage available on floor, or in racks. The option of hiring a number of fixed positions is offered in order to ensure a fixed space for their merchandise, and with the option of being able to increase them in a variable way according to the daily operations flow of each client. Space Distribution's storage services allow the customer to squeeze the maximum costs of their supply chain and maximize their profits, by diluting among several customers the costs of storage, labor, maintenance and operation, security, Technology and equipment

Inventory control

Our inventory control service is based on the management of a state-of-the-art inventory control system, known as WMS (Warehouse Management System). Through this system we process the product entries of your suppliers through the generation of purchase orders, receipt of products individually, allocation of locations, allocation of lot numbers, expiration dates, license numbers for identification of input batches, between other processes available to increase control of your merchandise. We also seek the administration of your inventories by performing cyclical counts and reconciliation against the reports generated by the system. All this is available to our customers through an Internet interface through which the customer can manage their inventories, generate purchase orders or order issues and review the behavior of their inventories through tailored reports, all from the comfort from your home or office.

Added value services

In addition to the basic services described on this page, we have specialized value-added services, such as light manufacturing, knittings, remanufacturing, packaging, palletizing, among others.

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