Integrated Logistics

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We have highly experience and qualified staff in the field of logistics to solve your all needs


TSM GROUP has its own Logistics Division, where we will provide you with the best advice, in processes of Importation, National and International Transportation, aqlways looking for the best prices and options in the Market.

Currently, logistics services are an increasingly necessary element in the field of global competitiveness, which is why that our logistics services integrate important improvements to the different current supply chains of organizations facilitating access to infrastructure, technology and security, saving time and costs for handling the different products of our customers

At TSM GROUP we will guide you on how to archive the most efficient and economical way to transport your materials or products to where you and / or your customers need them, permanently monitoring the route of the transport units. Customizing the projects based on the needs of our customers.

We carry out the administration and inventory management of your product in bulk or palletizing, as well as the door-to-door distribution, Freight management or reverse logistics.

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